Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vegetables for Breakfast: Baked Potato

According to this ABC New poll, most Americans eat cold cereal, bacon, eggs, or hot cereal for breakfast.  I rarely buy cold cereal because the majority are made with wheat.  If I do grab a box of corn or rice Chex, both gluten-free, I devour the box in a couple days.  I cannot be trusted with crunchy, cold cereal.  Pork and eggs (particularly the whites) are completely off limits.  During the week I usually buy oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins from the office cafeteria. I could just make oatmeal at home on the weekends but there's no fun in that.

Homemade granola with golden raisins

Having food allergies makes me more resourceful in the kitchen.  Now, any food can and will be eaten at any time.  Here's my breakfast baked potato.  I parceled together leftovers from two different dinners to make a flavorful and fairly healthy breakfast.

half of a baked potato
1/4 cup bean burrito filling or chili (I used this recipe)
any cooked green vegetable, chopped (I used roasted broccoli)
1/2 slice cheese (optional)

make it
1) Heat potato in the microwave for a minute. 
2) Layer beans and green vegetables on potato, heat for 45 seconds.
3) Top with cheese (if using), heat for 10 seconds.
4) Start your day right with vegetables for breakfast.

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