Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sunday Brunch in Buckhead at King + Duke

I'm on the savory breakfast train these days since cutting back on sugar.  A lot of restaurants offer the usual pancakes and eggs Benedict for Sunday brunch but there are a few places doing something different.  Like King + Duke in Buckhead, maybe my favorite of all Ford Fry restaurants.  The bonus: an open air patio with a fire pit and bar.

buckhead patio savory brunch
King + Duke's version of a Bloody Mary

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stone Ground Grits with Shrimp and Leeks

Raise your hand if you ate grits growing up.  I can't see you but I already know that's not enough people.  If I had a flag, my crest would be a big bowl of grits.  That's a little extreme.  I just really love grits and probably won't ever understand why some people don't like them.  Maybe people who hate grits have only eaten instant grits.  And should stop that.  Make some stone ground grits and start your food relationship over from the beginning.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yes, Please: Banks - Beggin For Thread

Currently on repeat: "Beggin for Thread".  A slinky, hiding in the dark corner of the club song.  Love it.  This feels like cold weather music to me.  A couple of her songs will be on my Fall/Winter 2014 playlist.

Lyrics from "Beggin for Thread" by Banks
Stooped down and out
you got me beggin for thread
to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head.
Stupidly think you had it under control.
Strapped down to something that you don't understand.
Don't know what you were getting yourself into.
You should have known.
Secretly I think you knew.

Hold it out
Try to hide it out
but my tracks are better...

Other jams I'm loving - here.

Disclaimer: Lyrics are from the "Beggin for Thread" lyric video.